A Deeper Look into AI Applications

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About this webinar

This webinar in the series presented by an industry expert Steven Brightfield will give a deeper understanding of developing an end-to-end AI system right from the data collection to model deployment. This webinar will give you an insight about how AI can solve the day-to-day problems in different industries and some practical ways to think about how to use AI in the Enterprise. This webinar is ideal for AI enthusiasts who wanted to understand how End-To-End AI applications are built by large Enterprises/businesses.


• Deep understanding of building AI Applications.
• Challenges in developing AI Applications.
• How clean data is necessary to develop an AI Application.
• Hardware & Software roadmap to AI applications.


● This webinar will be completely online on zoom. Please make sure to download the zoom application on your laptop or mobile / Tablet.
● We will provide the zoom link before the webinar.

About the instructor

Steven Brightfield
Steven Brightfield

Steve is Chief Marketing Officer of Silicon Arts. He has been developing and supporting computer vision and AI use cases for over 30 years, He introduced edge machine learning on the Android mobile phone for imaging, providing a mobile low power, optimized ML execution model for Google to support edge AI services. He has defined AI strategies for both cloud and edge devices. He has held executive leadership positions in public companies such as Qualcomm, LSI Logic, GEC and Zoran and venture funded semiconductor design and IP licensing companies such as Wave Computing, MIPS, BOPS, Improv Systems and ZSP, developing and managing solutions for mobile, wearable, gaming, automotive, consumer and military products.

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Date - August 10th, 2020

Time - 10:00 am IST