Sentiligent Vision & Mission

Vision: To develop AI-Hub in India

Sentiligent Academy envisions India as the next AI-Hub of the world. Especially in post- COVID-19, India will lead technology and innovation movement. Sentiligent academy envisions to create 10K AI professionals by 2022 to democratize AI in India. The founders of Sentiligent Academy have a firm belief that AI can be learned only through developing real- time AI applications. Sentiligent Academy is creating a workforce of AI professionals who will lead this movement in India. We have collaborated with the India & USA based companies in the AI industry to bring ML and Deep Learning technology stack that will boot-start the careers of AI professionals.We at Sentiligent Academy deliver the best knowledge with a practical view and a thorough hands-on in AI Applications, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Big Data, etc.Sentiligent Academy is leading the AI-Hub vision in India. We accelerate and transform the careers of individuals from all background by helping them master AI through intensive training programs & state-of-the art AI infrastructure; taught by vetted professionals with years of both education and industry experience.Our goal is to train talents in India to build this AI Future. 


Our mission is to create AI Center of Excellence & to push the boundaries of technology to help companies and Individuals discover, learn, and adopt the AI technologies, talent and provide real value immediately. Our goal is to train talents to build this AI Future in India. 

Sentiligent Team

Our team envisions creating the AI ecosystem of the future in which the manifestation, aggregation, and consumption of the newest artificial intelligence technologies is seamless and efficient. We shape our associates to work on the broad spectrum of operational and functional areas including the Ethical Implementation of AI.
Mukesh Muthiyan
Mukesh Muthiyan
"Having worked within the industry for over 10 years, Mukesh has developed a wide range of skills that would meet and exceed the expectations for the role. In his present and past role, Mukesh has had many achievements, including Automatic data annotation tool for Automaton APIS for AI ML Solutions for Automaton APIS for Data science Solutions for Automaton Big data infrastructure for Automaton Handled and improved client billing for ADP UPS and FedEx integration for ADP. Order Management Tool Serviscope for KPN Netherlands. Reporting using ETL for OTIS elevator BIZI(ETL & Data warehousing) and Galaxyshine for Apollo Munich Health Insurance(AMHI) Selenium-based Automated Testing Tool for IDIT Framework for IBEXI"
Vinay Gundecha
Vinay Gundecha
"Vinay has graduated from College of Engineering Pune and has PGDM from IIM Shillong. He has total 4 years of work experience in Automaton AI, Eaton Corporation & Dassault Systems. He has completed internship with British Council in areas of Business intelligence. His area of expertise includes Financial Analysis, Business analytics and data science. He has mastered in tools like advanced Microsoft excel, VBA, Python, Power Bi & R."
Shubham Gugale
Shubham Gugale
"Shubham is a Deep Learning Researcher at Automaton AI. He has pursued his B.Tech from College of Engineering, Pune (COEP) and has extensive experience working on developing ML/DL techniques to improve reliability, and accuracy in diverse problems such as Generative Adversarial Network, Retail Analytics and various Object Detection Models using deep learning algorithms. He is inquisitive in contributing to solutions for video surveillance domain using computer vision techniques. Formerly, working as Project Manager, his sharp focus and dedication to tasks, establish a rapid pace for team members working with him, ensuring commitment to customer success."
Bhagwat Chate
Bhagwat Chate
"Bhagwat is a Machine Learning and Data Science professional. He has mastered in Business Analytics, Python, Power BI, Microsoft Excel tools. He has 6+ years of experience in developing solutions in Business Analytics - Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive. He has a master's degree in Computer Science from Savitribai Phule Pune University. Currently working with Automaton AI as Data Scientist on the AutoML project, he worked with Eaton Corporation for 4.5 years as Business Analyst and with Infosys for 2 years as Sr Process Executive."
Business Analytics
Data Science
Machine Learning
Aatish Langhee
Aatish Langhee
"Aatish is a Artificial intelligence and Deep learning professional, a application Engineer who has keen interest in delivering innovative and cutting edge AI, Machine Learning to enterprise and developing tomorrow's advances in AI. He is Post Graduated from College of Engineering Pune (COEP) in VLSI and Embedded Systems. He has been working on deep learning methods, which is basics for many products and services. Aatish has a industry experience for generating various step forward solutions and ideas. He is been doing volunteering in AI field and is member of various community pune. His expertise is in the following areas:"
Artificial Intelligence 
Embedded Systems

What We Teach

We provide innovative training for lifelong learning and success in the in-demand fields of today’s rapidly changing technological economy.

Sentiligent Academy FAQs

The intensive, knowledge laden courses are specially structured to provide you in-depth knowledge of the core AI principles along with practical implementation. The courseware is elaborate, systematic, and extremely quality driven.
  • industry-led Bootcamp with experts having in-depth knowledge of AI
  • Real-time projects to give you hands-on experience on practical AI
  • Ethics-oriented teaching to promote responsible AI
  • Cutting edge tech and infrastructure
  • Certification
  • Mentorship
  • The Bootcamp provides you with the most comprehensive training and hands-on knowledge of AI to make you job-ready within a short span of time. It gives you capabilities that make you Employer-ready in AI Industry
    • Solution and implementation-oriented thought processBootcamp polishes you with its
    • Capstone projects to build a resume
    • Career assistance to break into the industry.Helping you gain deep knowledge of the end-to-end lifecycle of AI
    Our team comes with longstanding expertise in the AI Industry. We have handpicked the best professionals in the industry after the exhaustive selection process to ensure the best minds in the industry come together to shape the next generation of AI professionals. We have collaborated with the global AI experts to ensure that the students have exposure to the latest trends and knowledge of the industry.
    You may need knowledge of Python for specific courses. In case you do not have prior knowledge of Python, talk to our advisors for the possible options, and take a Sentiligent Academy add-on Python course.
    High-performance laptops are required for training the cohort. Below are the minimum requirements of laptop performance and capacity as of <>>2020 which will be needed during training:
  • Ubuntu 18.04
  • Memory: 8 GB
  • 512 GB SSD
  • GPU card Geforce 1060Ti or latest Graphics card.