Career opportunities in AIML and Data Science are booming!

Data Science education

The raging popularity of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence(AI) has reached new heights. Undoubtedly, careers in AI and ML are the most popular in the new era. Further, these fields are not just diverse but they are a minefield of exciting opportunities for people. Automation is the future, and AI & ML are the building blocks of it. 

Artificial Intelligence helps machines make rational decisions. It allows machines to learn from input data and practices. It uses several algorithms, pattern checks, and stimulation. Artificial intelligence helps machines to automate various tasks that currently need human intervention. For instance, self-driving cars.

Machine learning on the other hand gives decisive powers to machines. This power speculates and makes predictions based on past data that is fed into the machine. Artificial Intelligence is one of the most popular career options available today. Companies need to make quick decisions on the go. Making accurate decisions can be quite a task. Thus, machine learning helps enhance the overall work.

Data science is an internal stream that extracts insightful potions from the raw data. It helps convert unstructured data into structured ones. This data and machine world needs some basic prerequisites to start with. They are Mathematics, Computer science, and Statistics. Further, there has to be a  keen desire to play with these machines. Data storing, synthesizing, distributing, etc. comes under this field.

Budding Careers in these fields

AI is a budding field and needs a good community and manpower. Thus, there is a need for ML engineers and data scientists. The exponential rate of growth in the Artificial Intelligence industry makes it even more exciting, and students are attracted to it owing to its ecstatic future.

Software developers

Software developers are the army behind the core team. Developers are in charge of the complete software building roadmap. They build-essentials, flowcharts, and models. A software developer needs to have analytical and logical skills and expert knowledge of the latest programming languages. The boom in the AI market has increased the requirement of software developers.

Machine Learning Engineer

Machine learning engineers are essential workers in the AI industry. A machine learning engineer works with AI algorithms and data. The skills needed to be a machine learning engineer are a good grip in mathematics and statistics. One must be proficient in Python and be acquainted with platforms like Jupyter and Spyder.

Data Scientist

A data scientist is one who works primarily on data. Data is the biggest asset of a company. Therefore, every company needs a data scientist to study and manage data. A data scientist analyses data, and helps the model churn good data. It serves as the backbone of every AI model. A data scientist should have an affinity towards numbers, and a good grip in introspection and logical analysis.

Advantages of taking up a career in Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, and Data science

  1. Automation is the future. Slowly and steadily, everything is going to get automated. Machine learning is the key. Thus, the growth potential is exponential.
  1. Artificial Intelligence lets you work on real-life challenges. You will work on problems that directly impact human life. You will provide uncanny solutions.
  1. Data science is a lucrative career. Further, good data scientists are scarce.
  1. Resources to learn are easily available. There are fantastic open courses available online from deemed universities. These resources help students work on real-life projects and enhance their growth.
  1. Artificial Intelligence is applied to almost every industry. Thus, you can work in your favorite industries by unleashing the power of AI.

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The future of AI is undeniably bright. Technology is developing at a high rate opening up numerous avenues of career. While you choose this path for yourself, make sure that you also choose a reliable mode of learning which focuses on making you capable of tackling data science problems.

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