Advance Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Bootcamp

In the era of automated ML, field of data science is changing at unprecedented rate. Well guided approach to learning will accelerate the process and be more enjoyable. We at sentiligent academy, believe in case-study based teaching. Our data analytics bootcamp focuses upon real life issues and derives solutions to them using machine learning algorithms such as time series analysis, regression, classification & clustering. We enable participants with hands on training of necessary python skills, so by the end of this bootcamp they create their own python dashboards to represent the solutions to use cases. We limit our batch size, which help us in providing individual mentorship. This 1-month bootcamp happens over 4 consecutive weekends. The 64 hours timetable is mainly divided into 2 parts: i. Python Upgrader ii. Data-Science Accelerator Each consisting of 4 days of 8 hours batches. We recommend this bootcamp to a participant with exposure to areas of business intelligence & reporting.

Foundational AI Bootcamp

We are making a world class AI education system, which will be easily accessible to people all around the globe, so that every professional will be an immortal part of AI- powered future. Unlock your AI Potential with the 12 weeks AI course. This bootcamp embeds AI foundations that will transform your career and prepare you for the future of the work. During this intensive, full-time bootcamp, you will go from learning the fundamentals of AI all the way to implementing your own neural network and applying it to a project of your choice. This course is focused on individuals who wish to excel their career as an AI-Engineers or Data Scientists.

Immersive AI Bootcamp

AI & ML algorithms are transforming systems, experiences, processes, and entire industries. It’s no wonder that business leaders see these data-driven technologies as fundamental for the future—and that practitioners fluent in both fields are in high demand. Immersive AI is the ideal course to transform your career and make you industry-ready AI Professional. During this intensive, full-time experience, you will go from learning the fundamentals of AI all the way to implementing your own neural network and applying it to a real-world problem. This bootcamp will help you to understand the real-world data and will give you deep insights about how the growth of computing power, the development of ubiquitous connectivity, as well the phenomenal progress of AI techniques such as ML and DL is opening unprecedented access to this data. It will revolutionize your view to look at the real-world data & apply your knowledge to solve the problems.

AI For All

This bootcamp is a tour of AI, where every cohort will understand what really AI is, how to apply it in the real world, its limitations, and innovations world-wide. This bootcamp is for all the professionals, business owners, doctors, engineers, journalists, etc. This course will be your first step into AI powered world!