Advance Data Analytics

Our data science Bootcamp focuses upon real-life issues and derives solutions to them using machine learning algorithms such as time series analysis, regression, classification & clustering. We enable participants with hands-on training of necessary python skills, so by the end of this Bootcamp they create their own python dashboards to represent the solutions to use cases.



In the era of automated machine learning, the field of data science is changing at an unprecedented rate. The luxury of exploring things to learn data science is not affordable. A well-guided approach to learning will accelerate the process and be more enjoyable. We at, Sentiligent Academy believe in case study based teaching. This practical approach along with ample practice help participants to navigate the complex areas of data science and reduce the time required to accumulate knowledge of all necessary python libraries. We limit our batch size, which helps us in providing individual mentorship. This 1-month Bootcamp happens over 4 consecutive weekends.
The 64 hours timetable is mainly divided into 2 parts:
A. Python Upgrader,
B. Data Science Accelerator
Each consisting of 4 days of 8 hours batches. We recommend this Bootcamp to a participant with exposure to areas of business intelligence & reporting.


1. Python Basics, Pros & Cons

2. Introduction to IDE – Jupyter Notebook

3. Necessary libraries installation

4. Data Read/Write

5. Introduction to Data frames

6. Data frame operations
    a. Head
    b. Tail
    c. Length
    d. Column Manipulations

7.Index location operations

8. Data aggregation
    a. Column wise
    b. Row wise

9. Pivot table

10. Data visualisation
    a. Charts

11. Dashboarding

Key Features

1. Hands-on training,
2. Immediate application of formulae in worksheets
3. In the end, participants will have made a dashboard of their own
4. Python-based practical applications based on real-life examples


Vinay Gundecha

Vinay’s area of expertise includes Financial Analysis, Business analytics and data science. He has mastered in tools like advanced Microsoft Excel, VBA, Python, Power Bi & R

Bhagwat Chate

Bhagwat is a Machine Learning and Data Science professional. He has mastered in Business Analytics, Python, Power BI, Microsoft Excel tools. He has 6+ years of experience in developing solutions in Business Analytics – Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, and Prescriptive.

Mukesh Muthiyan

Mukesh has an extensive experience in the industry with more than 10 years of work experience. He holds various skills and has created multiple AI tools for various companies.

Tuition & Financing

Rs. 35000 (Inclusive All Taxes)


October 10, 2020