Foundational AI

Foundational AI is the ideal course to transform your career and make you industry-ready AI Professional. During this intensive, full-time experience, you will go from learning the fundamentals of AI all the way to implementing your own neural network and applying it to a real-world problem.


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The program is structured around 6 core modules

AI Essentials

AI Essentials (Linux, Python, GIT, Math for AI & Statistics): This module is the beginning of the course wherein we will start with the basics of OS and how ML algorithms are ported onto the server along with the introduction to Linux OS. The module will follow Python coding, Computer Science fundamentals and drawing upon libraries and automation scripts to solve complex problems quickly. Basic tools used for the coding like Jupyter Notebooks, Google Colab and Pycharm. A refresher of the key mathematical concepts required for AI, statistics, sets, linear algebra, vectors, and matrices.

Machine Learning (ML)

This module drives straight into the ML basics and techniques to solve the most common data problems. Difference between supervised and un-supervised learning and their categories. regression, clustering, and classification problems with both structured and un-structured data. Cohorts will start working with dedicated AI libraries and tools using real case studies. Module will lead regularization techniques used in ML, data preparation techniques to handle missing data, data imbalance, data transformation and feature repository and CLARITY tool for data analytics, which is proprietary to Automaton AI.


Here we will start with industry-standard microservices messaging protocols such as kafka and RabbitMQ followed by understanding databases (relational & non-relational) and work on the ETL pipeline for large scale databases. The advanced DevOps tools for model deployments. Workings of the data centres managed and used for the DL modelling will be covered.

Deep learning Pre-Requisites

Here cohorts will work on the real-time DL training and inference infrastructure like state-of-the-art GPU architecture. Hands-on CUDA coding to understand the DL acceleration cycle on the hardware acceleration devices with an exposure to the DL and embedded edge devices such as Jetson Xavier, Jetson Nano, etc. work on OpenCV learning for a deep understanding of filters and algorithms used in the DL applications. The real-time video/media analytics tools using GStreamer and video analytics pipeline like Deepstream and real-time data labelling tool “ADVIT”, which is the proprietary tool of the Automaton AI.

Neural Networks and Deep Learning (DL)

Leveraging the machine learning knowledge acquired previously, this module will challenge cohorts to get to the cutting edge of current AI technology. Theoretical introduction to Neural network and their architecture and hands-on work with the most advanced tools and frameworks such as Pytorch, TensorFlow, and Keras applying the theoretical knowledge to some transfer learning applications. Cohort’s will learn about GloVe, word2vec models for text data preparation, moving to LSTM, BERT and Transformer networks. Focus on different GANs architecture which are used for Image upscaling, Neural style transfer, and different smart image operations like image denoising, dehazing, etc. Speaker recognition & verification models which is most widely used in the conversational AI.

Applied AI

This series of modules covers the application of AI and Deep Learning into real life. Following a range of applications from simple facial recognition to self-driving cars with Computer Vision to speaker verification systems, all together with a module on AI in Healthcare will help developing an end-to-end retail analytics pipeline using real-time video data. This module will focus the DL end-to-end pipeline and talk about AI ethics and the implementation of several projects while learning and discovering the most appealing industry of your choosing for Project work & showcase The last module will focus entirely on developing a real-world project, entirely based on the cohort’s own interest This will be capped by a demo day, where the students will showcase their AI prowess in public, in front of potential employers or other professionals.
Project work

Capstone Projects

The program would not be complete without putting all the knowledge into an end-to-end AI application.

NLP Project

Students will get to work on an individual project in the area of their preferences. A wide array of project options will be given to students. (check the whole syllabus for more details) Project assistance and mentorship will be given throughout the projects.

Computer Vision Project

Students will have to complete one Computer vision project. Both projects are mandatory for the certification. Capstone projects will give students an insight into the real world AI project building. Mentors will be there to help and guide students throughout the project.


The Bootcamp will be in English language and requires basic level knowledge of Python programming.
* (Talk to our advisor if you don’t meet the pre-requisites)


The Foundational AI bootcamp provides you with the most comprehensive training and hands-on knowledge of AI to make you job-ready within a short span of time.
  • It gives you capabilities that make you ready in the AI Industry
  • Solution and implementation-oriented thought process Bootcamp polishes you with its Capstone projects to build a resume.
  • Helping you gain deep knowledge of the end-to-end lifecycle of AI
  • Career assistance to break into the industry.
  • Develop your practical knowledge and hands-on with real-time data in this 3-months of bootcamp.
  • The intensive, knowledge laden bootcamps are specially structured to provide you in-depth knowledge of the core AI principles along with practical implementation. The courseware is elaborate, systematic, and extremely quality driven.
  • Industry-led Bootcamp with experts having in-depth knowledge of AI 3. Real-time projects to give you hands-on experience on practical AI
  • Ethics-oriented teaching to promote responsible AI
  • Cutting edge tech and AI-infrastructure
  • Certification
  • Mentorship
    • We have collaborated with the India & USA based companies in the AI industry
      to bring Machine Learning and Deep Learning technology stack that will boot-
      start the careers of AI professionals.
    • We will provide state-of-the-art AI infrastructure to the Foundational AI
      Bootcamp attendees.
    • Attendees will work on capstone projects which are real-life industry
    • Cohorts will be given a real data to solve the problem.
    You may need knowledge of Python for specific courses. In case you do not have prior knowledge of Python, talk to our advisors for the possible options, and take a Sentiligent Academy add-on Python course.
    You need following specs for laptops/desktops to take advantage of the bootcamp: a. RAM – min. 8 GB
    b. Storage – min. 256 GB
    2. You will need good internet connectivity continuously without failure (min. 1 mbps spped)
    3. Good power-supply to your machines connection to attend the bootcamp lectures.
    4. Sentiligent Academy will provide you<
    a. VPN connectivity
    b. AI servers


    Mukesh Muthiyan

    Mukesh has an extensive experience in the industry with more than 10 years of work experience. He holds various skills and has created multiple AI tools for various companies.

    Vinay Gundecha

    Vinay’s area of expertise includes Financial Analysis, Business analytics and data science. He has mastered in tools like advanced Microsoft Excel, VBA, Python, Power Bi & R

    Aatish Langhee

    “Aatish is a Artificial intelligence and Deep learning professional, a application Engineer who has keen interest in delivering innovative and cutting edge AI, Machine Learning to enterprise and developing tomorrow’s advances in AI. He is Post Graduated from College of Engineering Pune (COEP) in VLSI and Embedded Systems

    Tuition & Financing

    Rs. 1.5 Lakhs (Inclusive All Taxes)


    1 August - 1 November